October 2013 Favorites

ImageHey everyone! October was such a busy month for both of us.  We had a lot of adventures that did not always involve eating good food, but some days involved things greater than ourselves.

We had a month full of celebrations (for my two birthdays; my real birthday and my Baptism, hoo-hah! and thank you Vic for being a big part on both days — and also have you noticed so many people’s birthdays are in October?!) !

1) Run River North

It was also the month when the Price of Life ’13 was happening.  The issue of human trafficking has been an evolving social injustice within Victor’s and my hearts.  Being that we both are followers of Jesus and InterVarsity alumni, we wanted to explore more on how to put our efforts in ending human trafficking (labor slavery and sex slavery).

There are 27 million slaves in the world today.  To learn more about human trafficking, you can visit this infographic.

DSCN6447That night we also got the chance to see the art work of our friend Maria (which is…not an ordinary lamp — photo shown on side)– as well as listen to our new favorite band Run River North.

We even got so crazy about them that we went to their show the week after we saw them first.  Their music definitely has a unique tambre, as well as touches emotions of their listeners, whether it is to fire them up or paint a peaceful atmosphere around them.  Their harmonies gave me such goosebumps!!!  Take a listen.

It was such an awesome night! Human trafficking is REAL and it happens in our very own city.  Make sure you follow Price of Life events and together we can put an end to human trafficking.  Everyone has a life purpose and no one should be not allowed to live the life that God has created for them.  Shout-out to our friends Eric, Sam, and Christine for being there also!


2) Film Biz Recycling


540 President St
(between 3rd Ave & 4th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11215

A place like none other. On one of the days we were thrift store shopping, we ran into this unique gem in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

You won’t find this place easily.. it’s sorta hidden on the side of a building next to a parking lot.  Don’t worry though, there will be signage to guide you along your way.  You’ll have to buzz in at the gate first though!

Unlike your conventional thrift store, this place rents out movie props for you to use. Anything you can imagine, these guys might have. You’ll find all sorts of wigs, gadgets, props, decorations, and devices to fulfill your inner Spielberg.

Aside from all the cool movie stuff you can rent, they also sell a bunch of furniture and a lot things you wouldn’t normally find. They have a lot of old electronics for sale that range from the 70’s through 90’s. I’m not sure if they even work at all, but it’s still pretty cool — use them to film your own movies!!!

The staff here are super friendly and would love to help in anyway they can. Be sure to stop by here!  They even just give out office supplies (for some reason) based on a “whatever you can pay” transaction method.

3) Center for Architecture: New York


The Center for Architecture
536 LaGuardia Place
NY, NY 10012

This place was pretty awesome, even though it was small — Right now they are featuring a lot of beautiful buildings and scapes that are in Asian countries.  They also had a lot of explanations in the text descriptions of each “artwork” to discuss why these buildings were made like how they are.  They also feature time lapse videos of some of my favorite cities in Asia.  I can probably sit there all day to watch them repeat on and on.  Museum is completely free and ..surprisingly empty.  Although you might not spend much time here because of its size, I still think it’s a great feeling to appreciate these huge buildings people take so much time and spend so much money to create!  Amazing!

Funny side note: If you end up visiting this place — please make a stop at the Earth Room.  Please.  You’ll know what I mean hahahhaha..

141 Wooster St
(between Prince St & Houston St)
New York, NY 10012

Happy late Halloween.


Eileen’s Cheesecake, New Museum, & Caracas Arepa Bar

Eileen’s Cheesecake

Plain Cheesecake $3.50

17 Cleveland Pl (between Kenmare St & Spring St) New York, NY 10012 This small secret gem can be easy to miss when you’re walking around Nolita, but make sure to stop by and try these delicious little prizes!

Pinky says 5/5

DSC08921DSC08922 I always head out to Eileen’s for my cheesecake cravings.  I have been coming since I was little and they are never a disappointment.  The crust is not the usual one where it’s hard an crunchy, but it is crumbly and sweet on its own.  Beware though if you have one of these cheesecakes, I highly doubt you will revert back to the other ones you can get anywhere else. I am like the cheapest girl in the world and yet I still think $3.50 for that little thing is worth it, believe me!

Victor says 4/5

For a cheesecake, it’s pretty good… coming from a guy whose not the biggest fan of cheesecake. However, for such a small piece, it was very expensive. I would have loved to try the other flavors of cheesecake they had, but you would have to purchase a whole cake, dishing out about $20-$40 for a whole cake. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to indulge on a little treat. The outer crumb layer is amazingly soft like no other cheesecake I’ve ever had before. The cheesecake portion was just very creamy and airy. Tasted pretty good too. Don’t know how to really describe how cheesecake taste like.

New Museum

235 Bowery (between Rivington St & Prince St) New York, NY 10002

638_10151728345967873_260599057_n (1)Pinky says 2/5

This museum was a huge disappointment.  I will never ever doubt yelp again.  From first impressions, I assumed that this would be the best museum and that I found the best secret gem in the city.  Not only did we have to pay $10 each, there was only– if you really think about it — three real floors.  Once we went into the elevator I said to Vic, “HEY ITS 7 FLOORS. 7 FLOORS OF GOODNESS!!!!” Boy, was I wrong…Most of the museum is made up of half floors, it was more like those one gallery places of Chelsea.  For now, the exhibition was Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star.  The entire museum was situated as a time capsule of some sorts…Although it was pretty interesting to see how 1993 was, I really didn’t feel anything after leaving the place.  Most of the art was forgettable and if not forgettable, very,very, disturbing on a weird level.. If you have children, please don’t bring them to this exhibition of 1993 for there is a lot of sexual innuendos (maybe not even innuendos since they were really straightforward)… I really only liked the rooftop, and Hey, New Museum that’s cheating.  You can’t have your only best artwork be the city landscape!  Maybe if they showed other pieces of art here, I MIGHT come back…but it’s too small! Even Chelsea has more art than that. Get to it, New Museum.

954764_10151728346692873_69812234_nVictor says 1.5/5

Not gonna lie, this New Museum/ Gallery/ etc.. was pretty bad. I don’t think I will be coming back here… It was a 7 floor building with only about 4 of them open to public. Out of the 4 accessible levels, the one I appreciated the most was the roof top. It’s a got a nice view, but I’m sure I could get a similar rooftop experience somewhere else. Much of the galleries were time capsules from 1993. Didn’t really catch my eye. I do however like watching old documentaries though. I just think it’s interesting looking into the past. Some of the videos, images, and things may be inappropriate for the young. Not a big fan of that kind of stuff. DSC08933 DSC08971DSC08955DSC08967DSC08952DSC08968

Caracas Aprepa

93 1/2 E 7th St New York, NY 10009 Located in East Village, this bar restaurant serves Venezuelan food! It is a lively place, but more crowded during the night time where there is almost always a long wait for seating.  There is a Caracas To-Go area right next to the restaurant, for those who are in a hurry and cannot stand the wait to sit.  What is an Arepa? It is a type of flatbread made out of corn dough or cooked flour.  They are very popular in Venezuelan and Colombian cuisine.  These tasty little sandwiches can be served with almost anything from sweet to salty!

Pinky says 4.5/5

La Surena $8.00 grilled chicken, chorizo, with avacado slices, and classic chimi-churri sauce

This would actually be my second time venturing out to Caracas, but this time it was for lunch.  I would suggest people come here for dinner since I think they are more legit and it’s more lively then.  However, I still highly recommend this place..just for dinner only! I ordered the La Surena –Grilled chicken, chorizo, with avocado and chimi-churri sauce AGAIN!– and it was so packed with flavor.  At first I was concerned with the size of it but I was surprisingly really filled up after it!  The chimi-churri packs a punch so I don’t suggest eating it if you do not favor spicy.  For me, the spicier the better. I also had the plantain chips with the guacamole. DELICIOUS. Guac was so smooth and had so much flavor in it’s little amount!  I’m not sure if it’s the taste of the guacamole, but I always end up with more plantain chips than guac… SAD.

Guacamole with plantain chips $6.25
lunch special add-ons — salad and soup of the day gazpacho

For the lunch special, I ordered it with a salad.  It wasn’t particularly special just your regular garden salad.  Despite that, I think they added artichoke to it too.  It was quite new and tasty since I’ve always been afraid to try artichoke!  Perhaps my new favorite vegetable now. Lunch specials are not really worth it since they just give you a salad or soup for the same price and not make the meal cheaper.

Pabellon Criollo $15 Venezuelan national dish- shredded beef, white rice, black beans and sweet plantains with cheese

I also tried the $15 Pabellon Criollo the first time I came here– it was a huge plate of deliciousness.  The shredded beef was so juicy when you bit into it…mm.. it was an explosion of flavor and juices!!! I do say that you should probably share this dish though since it is HUGE. For dinner service (from the first time I came):

Me with my friends making a party of 5 (they don’t let you have a table of more than 5 b/c of the size of the place) were seated after 45 min + but I wasn’t particularly mad because the host was really sweet.  Even though we didn’t have our full party when we were called, he let us have the next table when my last friend came.  I believe that any other place we would have needed to wait an additional 45 min+!!!!! He was a pretty nice guy!

Mimosa de Parchita – $6 classic mimosa with passion fruit juice

The place is really cramped but really intimate.  If you’re having a large gathering, this place is a bad choice, but if you’re ready to impress your date, pick this place for dinner!!! The level of noise was really fun to be part of…it’s such a lively and hip place. Although their mimosa wasn’t decorated, it was pretty tasty.

Victor says 3.75/5

Eh.. maybe the lunch time isn’t as good as the dinner or I just happen to come on an off day. This place is  REALLY small… so be prepared to wait. Come at the signature lunch or dinner hours and you may be doomed to wait. It’s relatively popular too! They have interesting little decorations along the wall. It took a while to be seated, but that’s only because it was crowded. The waiters seemed in a flurry, so I guess they couldn’t tend to our every whim. For our appetizer we had plantain chips with homemade guacamole. I ordered the De Pabellon lunch special  and it came with  gazpacho soup. The plantain chips were deep-fried to perfection and everything was just right about it. The guacamole here is just amazing. Its smooth and delicious and just compliments the chips. I could just eat the guacamole on my own. In the end, we had more chips than guac, but Still recommend it!

Maybe it’s just me… but I thought the De Pabellon Arepa was only good, but not amazing. My Arepa was filled with shredded beef, black beans,  white salty cheese, and sweet plantains. Honestly, I was really expecting like a ton of flavor after my initial bite …The De Pabellon is really messy and oil kept dripping out of it. Despite the greasiness of the arepas, I still enjoyed it.  I would recommend getting another one of the arepas though.

another view of the gazpacho
De Pabellon $7.50

The gazpacho soup was interesting. I think it’s the first cold soup I have ever had. It’s very tomato-ey and grainy. It was sorta of salty too. Not sure what to think of it.  I felt like I was drinking salad dressing though because it actually goes well  when you pour it over salad. Maybe next time, if I come back, I’ll learn to appreciate Arepas a bit more. Still, you should check this place out!

Rain Room at MOMA


We had the greatest pleasure of going to MOMA’S Rain Room.  If you have not heard of it, we urge you to visit and experience this yourself.  Although there is a 3-4 hour wait, this special exhibition is a room that showers artificial rain, but wherever you stand it does not rain on you!  Even when we went before the Museum’s opening hours, there was already approximately 50 people on the line. Get your ticket for general admission for MOMA then head straight out the opposite doors and turn left to stand on line! The Rain Room does not require extra money although after standing in line for so long, you will get really tired and not particularly want to walk around the entire museum. Note: FREE FOR CUNY AND SUNY college students! Don’t pay the $14 fee! Go to help desk and just show your student ID.

Pinky says 5/5

worth the wait! I thought on a Monday morning, no one would wake up before 10am, much less be standing on line already. Victor and I along with another couple were standing outside in the rain waiting for entrance to the rain room.  Ironic, I know! Advice for you, do not go when it’s a rainy day!  Each time 3-4 people are let in — HOWEVER there is still a line inside the room.. I was very wrong…Apparently there is a special hour dedicated for MOMA members only from 9:30am-10:30am, so basically the line doesn’t start moving until 10:30am..You also only get 10 minutes to be in the rain. Don’t be disrespectful and stay for like half an hour! Everyone outside is waiting! I was walking really quickly trying to test out the sensors, although they’re not that perfect it was funny to get splashed a bit.  Don’t wear black or dark clothing to this place or it won’t work well.  Also, no high heels ladies ! The heel might get stuck on the floor and damage the room.

Victor says 4/5

…Longer than waiting for a roller coaster at Six Flags! I’m not going to lie, that was a really long wait…. and in the rain. Can you believe we waited 3 hours IN THE RAIN to go to an indoor exhibit to see rain?!?!?! I couldn’t believe it too, hahaha. But I actually enjoyed it though. If you do plan on going, be prepared to wait. If you can wake up early, try to go there early. We got there before the MoMA even opened (opens at 10:30AM) and still had to wait about 3 hours until we got into the expo.

It’s a really cool exhibit if it wasn’t for that wait. In the center of this large exhibit is this square-ish area that constantly rains. These sensors can detect where the human body is on the grid and it will stop raining. However, you have to walk slowly through this exhibit or you will get wet. It’s almost like controlling nature, as if you had super powers or something. Too bad you can’t do that in real life. It’s interesting how you can use technology to create “art”.

Definitely check this place out if you have the time!

DSCN3473-002DSCN3481-001  DSCN3494 DSCN3496 DSCN3497

DSCN3488 DSCN3474DSCN3406 DSCN3401 DSCN3400 DSCN3392 DSCN3385