Happy October!

It’s finally October (Pinky’s favorite month) – the air is cool and crisp, but there are times where we still crave ice cream and fatty dairy treats.

We visited Davey’s Icecream shop in Williamsburg this past week and was pleasantly surprised.  The small shop offered great flavored options, such as strong coffee, black sesame, speculoos chocolate chip, and roasted pistachio — only to name a few.

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Caffeine Fix: Giving Up Taste for Presentation?

caffeine fix

149-40 41st Ave
Flushing, NY 11355

Menu and Prices

This dainty little cafe has been a craze in Pinky’s circle of friends…and even on our dear friend, Yelp.  However, does it really live up to the hype or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?

Victor and I — along with our previously featured friends, go in to discover for ourselves. We basically ordered different things to try out most of their menu.  They offer things from the various waffles, ice creams, honey toast, hot drinks, virgin mojito (Pinky was veeery skeptical of whether or not that would taste remotely good), and your assorted frappe flavors.

Very Berry Belgian Waffle with 1 scoop ice cream. strawberries, blueberries, bananas, chocolate syrup or nutella $11.95

Victor says 3/5 Fish Toys icon thumbnailFish Toys icon thumbnailFish Toys icon thumbnail

DSCN5896When Pinky said we were going to Caffeine Fix… I assumed we going to some just going to some random coffee shop. Well.. it is some random coffee shop.. named Caffeine Fix 😛

I’m no coffee shop expert or whatever, but this place is pretty nice. The decor is very modern and the cashier was kind. Has a lot of “wooden” decor features, which I’ve been noticing a lot in restaurants and cafes lately.

So I ordered a virgin raspberry mojito. A pretty weird thing to order from a coffee shop, but I wasn’t looking to get my caffeine fix that day. The virgin raspberry mojito is very very sweet, but minty too. It will probably be too sweet for your average person, but I do have sweet tooth. It could have been nice with half the sweetness, but they also put a lot ice, which diluted it a lot later on.  It was about $4.50 for a medium sized drink.

Raspberry Mojito Sm $3.75 / Med $4.35 / XL $5.15 (Pictured Medium) Green Tea Latte Sm 3.95/ Med 4.55/ Lg 4.95 (Pictured Medium)
Raspberry Mojito Sm $3.75 / Med $4.35 / XL $5.15 (Pictured Medium)
Green Tea Latte Sm 3.95/ Med 4.55/ Lg 4.95 (Pictured Medium)

I also tried Pinky’s green tea latte. It was weird but okay. Their hot drinks are really… like REALLY hot when you first get it.  I burned the tip of my tongue taking a sip out of her drink. Pinky will go in more dept of what she thought of that drink. I couldn’t really taste it too much.

We ordered a very berry belgian waffle ($12) which can serve 2-4 people. The presentation of this dish is beautifully done and its like art. The waffle itself is just okay. I personally think Wafels and Dinges is still so much more better. The chocolate syrup on this very light, so you don’t get a whole lot of chocolate taste. You do however get a bunch of fruits: blueberries, strawberries, and banana slices! On top of everything, you get a big scoop of your choice of ice cream.

Overall… things are bit expensive here, but I suppose its aesthetically nice here. Not something to go out of my way for.

Pinky says 2.5/5 16-coffee-cup-icons-square-brown-lg16-coffee-cup-icons-square-brown-lg2 coffee


I’m not even sure why this place has such a high rating on Yelp.
First of all, okay I give points for decor, but the seats weren’t even comfortable.  Mary and I were sitting on the bench seats because everyone else took the comfortable (?) sofa seats.  They obviously don’t want you sitting there long!

The prices are way too expensive based on the quality they serve. I get the whole logo cuteness, and presentation I give an A+, however the quality has to step up its game, BIG TIME.
My green tea latte tasted like edamame (soy bean) milk.  I have no idea why, but BLEGH. Even the green tea latte from Paris Baguette is a lot better.  Not to mention it took me forever to even get to the liquid part because there was 3+ inches of FOAM in my medium sized drink.  I mean I LOVE foam, but if it takes up more than the entire top of my cup, I’m already wanting my money back.

The waffles…you might call me crazy because you see all these beautifully crafted dessert places, but seriously I’d rather have an ugly looking dessert and have it taste AMAZING, than have a beautiful dessert tasting like nothing…I’ll admit the fruit is fresh and the ice cream okay.  It is NO waffels and dinges though, I’ve been spoiled, I guess. Later, we found a fruit fly in the waffle…not sure if it was there all along though! Juuusst saying…hahha.

I was very skeptical that the virgin mojito would taste good, but Victor being the daredevil he is.. lol ordered it.  The “virgin mojito” tasted like those sour patch kids candy except the flavors happen in reverse.  It is suuuper sweet then suuupper sour with the after-taste…blegh.

I was tricked by their cute marketing tactics and the pictures!!!! No.  Don’t make my mistake.

Wafels and Dinges

Find them around the great NYC!  You can follow them on twitter to see where they’re parked.


This winter wasn’t the first time Vic and I had these waffles.  We set our teeth into their waffle back last summer in front of the Guggenheim, we…fell…in love.

If you have heard the hype, do not deny it!  The hype lives up to its level.

Previously, we had de Bom which was one of their waffles topped with vanilla ice cream (that they made themselves) and the hard-shell chocolate sauce!  Awesome and yet so simple! I don’t understand their magic!

de Bom for $7.00 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah
de Bom for $7.00 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah

 W&D at the Winter Holiday Markets at Union Square


vic waiting patiently for a piece of delicousness
vic waiting patiently for a piece of delicousness

Victor says: 4.5/5

To this day, I still don’t know what a dinge is, but whatever it is, it is most certainly delicious. However, I must say, I do prefer its summer-counterpart more than its winter half.  In the summer, you get a scoop of ice cream on top of your waffle with whatever toppings you desire. During the winter, it’s just whipped cream. I guess people wouldn’t want ice cream in the winter anyways. Nevertheless, both times I had the waffle, they were exceptionally well. Here’s a short little story: when we went to the waffle stand in the winter, the guy advertising said we were the last customers. We just couldn’t resist. Later on, he told that to 10 other customers.

The waffles were baked freshly in griddles right in front of us, so when we got them, it was warm and toasty. The chocolate sauce they used was creamy and solidified after touching the ice cream or being exposed to winter air. The fruits were fresh. Can’t really go wrong here. I would definitely give it a try. I know Pinky absolutely loves this place and we’ll probably be getting more if we run into one of their food trucks randomly.

Pinky says: 5++/5

These waffles have magic in them.  Even when I’m a poor college student I am very willing to splurge on these waffles.  Since I go to school all the way in Long Island, I now and then have these cravings for these delicious waffles.  Yes, it’s that good that I dream about them.  Their sweetness doesn’t overwhelm the toppings.  The one we had with the ice cream was a lot better though.  For some reason, we couldn’t find it on the menu…probably because it’s winter time they don’t do ice cream?  Anyways, whipped cream was just as good :].  It is the best dessert ever…or even a snack…or get 5 of them, to make a meal.  Don’t think that I won’t do that one day!DSCN8848