Wafels and Dinges Cafe: Living up to the hype?

Thanks to the model standing right in front of the new Wafels and Dinges Cafe on the corner of Ave B & E 2nd St in Manhattan, NY

So you might or might not have heard the great Wafels and Dinges food truck has recently opened their new cafe on the corner of Ave B and E 2nd Street in the Lower East Side. For our thoughts about the food truck, you can visit this link here.


The decor is flawless and totally in tune with their image and friendliness from their food truck stands.  As you reach for the door knob, you already feel like you’re in wafel paradise because you are really reaching for a spatula ! The wafel station is like an island in the middle of the cafe and there are menus on both sides that reminds you of the food truck menus.

However, the prices are a bit higher (by a dollar or two) because I’m assuming of the indoor service they are providing.  Also, I believe they offer a lot of various items such as the affogato and specialty shakes, that the food trucks do not offer.  The seats remind me of sitting in a kindergarten classroom since they are low and there are benches that have the same color theme of yellow and brown.


You can also grab the daily newspaper on the side of the cafe and sit all day with the Wifi provided too.  The WiFi password is located on the chalkboard menu right in front of the cash register.  Near the back and the restroom area, there is also a fun little chalkboard area where you can draw little waffle characters or whatever you enjoy doodling for the other waffel lovers to view.

The cafe also features some shelves of books and even their own infamously delicious speculoo jars and maples syrup jars.  Be sure to explore around every corner of this place!

WMD brussels waffel with fixings - strawberries, banana, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and dulce de leche ($ 8.00)
WMD brussels waffel with fixings – strawberries, banana, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and dulce de leche ($ 8.00)
Bailey's chocolate shake $8.00
Bailey’s chocolate shake $8.00

Pinky says 3.75/5


Okay let me explain this rating before you go all crazy on me! I guess I was expecting a lot more from them than they could have done…I ordered the WMD Brussels waffel for $8, but I was expecting the same freshness from the food truck…but that didn’t happen.

The waffel was a bit cold even though all the toppings were fresh and the plate was beautifully decorated.  I am assuming because the place was pretty empty, they don’t sell fast enough.  I did however love the staff as always for their friendliness and courtesy.  I ALSO loved their dang deliciousness mug of pleasure, called the Bailey’s chocolate shake. Oh baby, it was like pure heaven.  Great for the hot summer day and chocolate milk lovers because of its thickness and silkiness at the same time!

The area is a bit out of the way, being that it is quite a walk from other more popular places, but I salute your efforts towards opening this great new place! However, I think it just takes the excitement out of food stands, you know? The spontaneity. The unknown…of whether or not you’ll get a seat while enjoying your great waffel.  Good visit, but I don’t think the possibility of coming back is high…

Victor says 3.75 too!


A nice little shop, but not located near the heart of New York. It’s in a rather strange location, but I guess it’s close to Wiliiamsburg at least. The decor in the place is quite nice. I like the colors and it’s just warm place to be. The staff is just amazingly friendly as well the manager/ boss. This manager/ boss guy just kept getting us straws and utensils, and kept asking us how the food was. We had no idea he was the manager/ boss because he wasn’t in uniform and he just looked like some in guy on his mac in a cafe.

Aside from the splendid service and decor, their food was good, but not as good as the food carts surprisingly. They have some things on their menu that are only available at their restaurant, so you should stop by here if you want to try something new!

I ordered a Bailey’s Chocolate shake, which was a bit expensive ($8) but it tasted awesome. Basically, its an chocolate ice cream shake with Bailey’s chocolate fudge on the sides topped with whipped cream and a basil leaf. It’s not very thick and you can drink it up with a straw. Very rich, creamy, and smooth! I can drink it all day!

The wafel… was not as good as the carts sadly. Pinky ordered a WMB waffel with strawberries, bananas, fudge, and powdered sugar. The wafel wasn’t warm and didn’t taste freshly made. They grabbed a wafel from their tray and we weren’t sure how long it has been out there. The bananas were mushy and warm. Aside from that, it was okay. I guess it’s different from the food carts, because they make the wafel in front you.

Overall, if you want to try something that’s not from the carts, I would check this place out. It is definitely out of the way though. A bit pricier too, by at least $1.

Here are some more photos of the decor and cafe overall:


Wafels and Dinges Menu

West Elm Market


50 Washington St
(between Water St & Front St)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Neighborhood: DUMBO

Strange that we’re blogging about a…furniture store? NOT SO STRANGE! This secret place we stumbled upon while we were exploring DUMBO together.  At one glance it may look like a fancy home decor store but in the back there is a hidden espresso/hot chocolate bar.  Stop by this place for a hot drink during this freezing winter!

IMAG2941  Victor Says: 4/5

To be honest, I have no idea how to exactly rate hot chocolate or drinks in the matter of fact. Pinky is the hot drink professional. I’m clueless when it comes to this stuff. For me, I guess if a drink doesn’t taste awfully watered down, then its okay, right?

This place is pretty hidden and you probably wouldn’t expect to find it in a home decor/ furniture store. It was really cold and I just wanted something warm to drink … and hot chocolate is perfect for cold days! We had our hot chocolate delivered right to our seats, which was rather nice. They made a leaf design in our hot chocolate too! I usually thought that stuff is done with lattes or something.

The hot chocolate was made with steamed milk… so I guess that’s how they were able to make the design. The hot chocolate itself wasn’t too sweet, but it was very foamy. Sometimes, it as a bit bitter, like cocoa bitter type, not the herbal tea bitter. I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here, but it’s nice to stop and take a break here if you’re ever in DUMBO.

IMAG2942 Pinky says: 5/5

Okay, I might be a bit crazy to give this place a perfect score but hey how can a cafe do better than this? The atmosphere was great with all the kitchen things for sale.  It was almost like I was sitting in someone’s real home…a home that has multiple cool and awesome refrigerators LOL.  The staff was very friendly and was even making jokes with us.  I really love looking at home decor stuff, just imagining what our future house would look like.  We weren’t particularly shopping for anything but it was great to have a cup of delicious hot chocolate to be by our side while we were in dreamland.  The milk was steamed and it was all foamy which is my favorite! You know the foam is good when you are careful to not have a mustache after each sip.  The staff even brought my drink to us directly, sweet!  It is a very chill place with even a clean spacey bathroom in the back so if you have too much caffeine…you know, just in case!

IMAG2947 This is my kind of motto.