Happy October!

It’s finally October (Pinky’s favorite month) – the air is cool and crisp, but there are times where we still crave ice cream and fatty dairy treats.

We visited Davey’s Icecream shop in Williamsburg this past week and was pleasantly surprised.  The small shop offered great flavored options, such as strong coffee, black sesame, speculoos chocolate chip, and roasted pistachio — only to name a few.

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Pinky says:5star

I loved this place so much!  The people there were nice and didn’t give us stink eye when we asked to taste try one of their flavors.  I ordered the STRONG COFFEE flavor of course – the coffee lover in me would be disappointed if I didn’t.  The coffee flavor is not just any coffee ice cream.  It tasted like if we were eating sweetened creamy coffee grounds with a punch in each cold bite.  It’s how ALL COFFEE FLAVORED DESSERTS should taste like – move along, watery coffee! The price was a bit high for a small scoop, but wow did the flavor make it worth it!  I tried a tasting portion for the black sesame and it wasn’t my favorite, it was too bold for me.  The speculoos flavor we got it in a milkshake and it was also so delicious!  Please do visit here – the williamsburg location is closed on Mondays though!

Victor says:


I’d have to say it was pretty good. I got the Speculoos Chocolate Chip milk shake and it was certainly something else. The texture felt like most other milk shakes I’ve had before, but this was a unique flavor. One you don’t often ever see. It tasted like graham crackers mixed in with a bit of chocolate. It was creamy and it felt just right. I’d love to try all the other flavors too one day. I had a bit of Pinky’s STRONG COFFEE and boy was it strong. The first bite felt a punch of caffeine to my face. Never had I had coffee ice cream that concentrated before. All in all, give this place a try. It’s a small shop and it can be hard to miss when walking down Bedford, but it’s worth the trip.

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