Poconos Labor Day 2015 Part 2!


All in all, we had an awesome time in the Poconos. We also visited the Casino Theatre Entertainment Center and had a grand ol’ time. Believe it or not, this place been around since the 1920’s. You can get a cheap dinner and movie for about $11 (that’s still cheaper than a movie at regular price in NYC). The dinner isn’t anything fancy, hamburgers or hotdogs galore along with a drink!  The food is given at the start of the movie on a tray that you can connect to your drink holder (genius!).

“dinner” & a movie

It definitely has an old time feel to it. Believe or not, we were the youngest ones in the theater that day because it was SENIORS MONDAY ;). We went to go watch Ricki and the Flash, and surprisingly, it was pretty good. The other two films were Minions and Straight Outta Compton, but those films started already.

Pinky really liked the theater as well.  It had a charm to it and the decor brought you back to much simpler times. It even had that chicken laying egg game… Pinky remembers that being much of her childhood.  They also have awesome Hershey’s ice cream,  arcades, and a mini golf course (that was only $4 to play!!!) to kill time if you’re waiting for a movie to start.  Mini gofl is NO JOKE!  We weren’t keeping score, so that we can all stay friends.

Arcades & “Golfing”

mini golf for only $4 pp


The night was still young, and we were still craving adventure. I wanted to go ride some ATV’s, but it was little pricey. So we decided to look for nearby arcades. There was one down the road from the theater, but when we arrived, it looked like that place been out of business for a long time. I guess Google Maps needs to be updated. We decided to hit up the next closest arcade and it was about 10 miles away. My phone was beginning to run out of battery, so I decided to use my friend’s phone. Along the way, we passed by this huge restaurant with lots of cars in the parking lot. That was a rare scene in this area, so I kept that in the back of my head for dinner later on. As you know it, the GPS decided to take a “short cut” and we went offroading for a bit in the back roads of a designated hunting area. So we decided to turn around and use someone else’s phone. (It was pretty fun to get lost and randomly be in a thick field…)

...where we got lost.
…where we got lost.

After a couple of minutes, we finally arrived to 940 Golf N Fun. This places is like real american dream. They have ice cream, arcades, bumper cars, mini golf, a driving range, paintball gallery, batting cages, and literally a trampoline thing. The activities are extremely cheap and it’s worth giving everything a shot if you tried. The arcade is small, but Pinky and I were able to beat The House of Dead . We’ve been trying to beat light gun games at arcades whenever we get a the chance.


After some time at the arcades, we decided to give the bumper cars a try. There were five bumper cars and five of us, so it was perfect. Unlike their electric bumper car cousins, these guys were glorified gas-powered lawn mowing machines with an inflatable tube around it. The controls are different and it doesn’t have the standard wheel like most vehicles. We also attempted to be synchronized — harder than it seemed…Still, we had an awesome time at this place. You definitely can’t beat the price.

wannabe golfer
wannabe golfer

We then were walking around the Golf N Fun place, finding a driving range.  We were all pretending to be like professional golf players, but we all had no idea what we were doing.. Literally throwing all our money away into the green field when we were hitting the golf balls randomly.


Dinnertime at Jubilee Restaurant

After so much fun, we were all hungry.  We went back to the restaurant where was that huge crowd, called Jubilee.  After we parked the car in the huge parking lot, we went along the side entrance by mistake and it seemed like we were put into an old movie set, with the dim lights and the billiards table along with the huge bar.   Check out their menu here.


Pinky says:


I was surprised there were so many people who came by this restaurant.  This is one of those places where you KNOW you will eat until your eyes bulge out.  What is it about diners that they love to overfeed you? I ordered the pesto pasta, that was definitely more on the side of oil and bits of minced pesto leaves.  I was thinking it would be more creamy, but it was hot oily pasta.  Not that I’m complaining, because it was a hot delicious mess, but I was looking more of flavor – it was so one-toned that I had to add salt (I rarely do that!)…I also ordered their draft Yuengling beer, very light to taste.  I tried some of the mashed potatoes on a friend’s plate and it was almost like eating a stick of butter, way too heavy — I will only eat it if I was feeling bad about myself and wanted to drown myself in fat.  Their bacon and lentil soup was also one-toned with not that many lentils, more bacon than anything.  I want to give it a 3, but I’ll say 3.5 only because it was a lot of food for the price.

Victor says:


I say 3.5 too!! Pinky is always copying me. Anyways, you don’t really come across too many restaurants while driving through the outskirts of Poconos. I thought we should give this place a go because there were so many cars parked outside. We made the mistake of going into the bar entrance. so we waited a minute or two before we realized we weren’t going to be seated. After making our way to the main entrance, we had to wait a bit. I was surprised how packed the place was, but I guess American’s love spending their Labor Day in good company.

I’m a sucker for a free refills. Whenever I see that on a menu, I try to drink as many as I can, which usually means at least 3 cups.  So I ordered the pink lemonade and it was pretty standard. It’s good, but it’s nothing out of this world. I ordered the Apple Butter Pork Shank. I did enjoy my meal but I do agree with Pinky that the sides can be a little heavy. Mine came a huge side of mash potatoes and cooked vegetables. They were alright, just your typical sides. The Apple Butter Pork Shanks was what made the meal good. It wasn’t dry at all and quite juicy. The apple butter really brought a nice sweet flavor to it and it sorted melted right off the bone. Overall, it’s worth stopping by if you’re in the Poconos.

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