Surprise, here’s a gun! Labor Day 2015 PT1

How much more American can we be? We went to a gun shooting range this past Labor Day Monday and it was actually a surprise to me (Pinky).  I am all about not planning out days, because (1) I’m LAZY (2) I don’t like to build up expectations for the day, resulting in unmet ones.  I was relieved to hear that Victor was planning the day for us and a bunch of our mutual guy friends.  All I had to do is sit back and relax….and shoot a gun, of course.

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Shooting at Sunset Hill Shooting Range was only one of the activities of that day (We did so much more!!!)  Victor and the guys kept on lying to me saying that we were going to do some horseback riding or even hardcore hiking, but I knew those weren’t the activities because I was looking at the clothes they were wearing.  Smart, eh?  I was both nervous and excited when we were sitting in the car for about 2 hours from NYC.

When we drove up to the parking lot, I saw one of the sculptures with a silhouette of a guy with a cowboy hat….and a shotgun.  I heard the gunshots and I was screaming, “We’re at a gun range?!?!?!”.  This was one of the bucket list activities, so you know I was super pumped to do it!

After we went ahead and registered our IDs and signed waivers, we had to wear our protective gear and then walk out to the range.  The place was so loud with so many people shooting their various guns.  We were waiting under some shade for an available instructor to assist our group of five.

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Our first gun was the 9mm glock pistol to start out.  I was so nervous, but I still went up there and held the gun.  I was probably the slowest shooter because I didn’t want to do anything stupid or abrupt.  After that first shot, I was like daaang this is so powerful.  Of course the first few shots, I was missing the center target, but at least it was still on the piece of paper.  I never knew there was a marker thing on top of the pistol to aid you in aiming!  The gun was so smooth against my hands…didn’t expect it to feel that good!  My second gun was the AR-15 sniper rifle, but this was already after a couple of other guns that the other guys and Victor shot (I was too scared to try the others that have more of a powerful recoil that could hurt me and throw me off balance).  The sniper was stabilized onto the top of the small table thing where we were shooting from.  The first shot gave my ears an overwhelming deafening ring, even when I had the protective eargear on — that was shocking.  When I was looking through the eyepiece, I was reminded of how Bradley Cooper was shooting this in American Sniper haha.  I’m lame, I know.

All in all, I do not think I will go out and buy a gun anytime soon.  I was really emotionally drained because it’s a dangerous tool that can take lives, and HAVE taken many lives.  I’m not up for that kind of responsibility and am not willing to take up a new power addiction any time soon.  It was simply a most likely one-time occurrence.

5starI’d give the shooting range itself, a 5 star and am declaring it highly recommended because the instructor was so helpful and informative.  There were no times where I was doubting the staff’s professionalism and familiarity with the weapons we used and they were accepting to the newbies that my group were.  It was a bit pricey, but considering how rarely you will go out and shoot, it’s a fun worthwhile time.

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Victor here now. It was tough keeping it a secret from Pinky. She’s been wanting to go to a gun range for the longest time. Well, we finally went while in good company. Since Pinky talked about the Glock pistol and the AR-15 sniper rifle already, I’ll jump right into one of the guns she didn’t get to try (she was really shook up after that pistol), the iconic AK-47 rifle. It’s just one of those guns you have to try… especially if you have played Counter-Strike growing up. It’s everything you would have expected. It’s LOUD and has a pretty strong recoil.

The next gun the boys and I tried was the Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun. The shotgun is as American as it gets. We got to do some skeet shooting and it was absolutely AWESOME! I’ve always wanted to do skeet shooting. If you don’t know what skeet shooting is, it’s the recreational (or competitive) activity where participants shoot clay targets that fly like frisbees! Since shotgun pellets spread, you have a good chance to getting the target, but it can still be difficult. You’ll definitely feel recoil on this, even more if you don’t rest the stock against your body. I was able to hit 4 of the 6 targets!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our day at Poconos as we review the Jubilee Restaurant and other adventures we had!

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