The Strangers Project

It was another regular workday and we wanted to check if there were any fun FREE things to do in the great NYC.  Since the summer is winding down, (sadly) there are fewer events happening, but lo and behold Pinky stumbled upon this Strangers Project reception opening yesterday evening.  The “gallery” event was a viewing of anonymous individuals’ hand-written stories collected by a team of people.

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Not knowing what the Strangers Project was about, we decided to explore this new project at 103 Allen Street.  The viewing will be open until September 6th — brought to us by miLES, who’s always doing cool pop-up events around Lower East Side — so do get there before they pack up all those interesting stories!  They offer free boxed wine and even the opportunity to write your own story.  Pinky wrote her own… maybe you will see it (if you even recognize it) next time they set up this event in another location.

For Victor, these stories really moved him. These are stories of people who have traveled across the world, fought against illnesses, or even just going through the process of just growing up. We may never know who they are, but they leave behind a powerful messages for others read forever. Some of these stories really just pull you into their shoes. The emotions are just so raw and you know these stories aren’t made up.  Definitely check it out… even if you don’t have any free time.

Pinky found this event using, which is AWESOME for couples/friends looking for fun things to do, but are on a tight budget or just plain cheap…

BRITISH informal
adjective: skint
(of a person) having little or no money available.
“I’m a bit skint just now”

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