Rox+Reny’s Wedding 8/29/2015

new pinky tradition – #pinkyselfies with #weddingcakes

What a beautiful day it was to have an even more beautiful wedding.  Our friends from Stony Brook InterVarsity finally decided to say their “I do”‘s yesterday at Greentree Country Club.

We loved that it was such a Christ-centered wedding day and we pray that that strong foundation with Christ be forever with them in their marriage and beyond.  It was refreshing to see some of our old college friends and reconnect, even if only for the short day we had together.  Pinky will even have the great privilege to see them often since we attend the same church together! Congratulations, you two!

It was an outdoor wedding and it was HOT! Good thing we were given these cute little parasols to hold up, but then when the couple were up at the altar, it was difficult to see them.  You win some and you lose some…

We appreciated all the jabs against the groom during the ceremony HAH. In reality, we really loved to be reminded that they know the wedding is only one day and the marriage after is so much more important.

Pinky waiting nervously listening to what item will be called out next so she can run over and get it…

Cocktail hour started shortly after, then came the reception with teary-eyed toasts and a game that we were surprised that the couple picked me (Pinky) to participate in.  I was super surprised that I didn’t lose during the first round! It was basically a scavenger hunt plus musical chairs…super dangerous if I was wearing heels.

Then came the mainnnnn course! Filet mignon and pork chops, please!
11915762_10153709765017873_6724007763694958415_n 11947570_10153709763572873_5668729907169562407_n

Photobooth was brought to us by SayCheese – It was a big inflatable igloo looking thing with the big camera.  Flash was harsh, but we still got to take some interesting photobooth photos.  Victor started this tradition where we take black and white serious photos on the photostrip…Weird, we know.

New Doc 2_2
We always love to take awkward photobooth pictures…This was Vic’s manbun’s big debut!

Victor here now. No wedding is complete without some dancing. We’re not going to lie… but some our friends, even the kids, know how to bust a move. Pinky loves to dance, but for me… dancing just doesn’t come natural. I’m just too self-conscious when I start moving my hips. But still, it was awesome, yet hilarious, joining in dance with all our friends. One of our favorite dance moves of the night was “the lightbulb,” where you’re essentially just screwing and unscrewing an imaginary lightbulb.

For me, I’m just glad they the MC didn’t have that raunchy part where the single men have to catch the garter and put it on a single lady’s leg. I have still have this memory of this wedding I attended (before Pinky and I were together), where I got the garter. In fact, I was forced to take it. The garter fell short and I was pushed towards it to pick it up. Here come’s the part where the guy is supposed to the put the garter on the lady’s leg, but in reality, it was the reverse. I ended up with the garter on MY leg.

All in all, we had a blast at this wedding and we wish the very best to the newly weds. It was a blessing to see such a beautiful relationship blossom throughout the years and we know their love for one another will never end. With every wedding we go to together, it gives us a glimpse of what a married life looks like. Maybe ours will be soon. Who knows? 😉

New Doc 2_4
Vic + Kev, sporting their parasol, Old Navy, Uniqlo, and some thrifted items.
Pinky’s OOTD was a pink Emma Stone inspired dress from Forever21, along with a blazer cape I bought online (Yes, I know … I should be purchasing from fairtrade companies… D:)

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