Sweet Frog


1015 N Country Rd
Stony Brook, NY 11790


A cute little frozen yogurt place right across from the street from Stony Brook Long Island Railroad station. It recently opened around the area, so Pinky and I decided to give it a try. It use to be a Dunkin Donut’s, but they did a great job renovating it into the colorful little store it is now. They sell some merchandise and they also have  these stamp cards for rewards after a certain amount of cups

tumblr_mdw5ooHi3F1rxf8pmo2_1280  tumblr_mdw5ooHi3F1rxf8pmo4_1280Pinky says: tumblr_mdw5ooHi3F1rxf8pmo10_r1_250 3/5

Not particularly great tasting but the place is really cute.  No competition against Red Mango though.  For this place, it doesn’t have fresh fruits or anything so if you have an extreme sweet tooth this is the place for you.  They have many flavors that resemble the actual food item it’s for.  My favorite was coffee because I am a huge coffee drinker and it is only one of the few that aren’t as extremely sweet.  It was the first time where I actually wanted fruit instead of all the candy toppings!  Probably won’t see me here again but the staff were extremely sweet and nice to us! 🙂  They let us sample all the flavors! 🙂

Victor says: 2.75/5

Sweet Frog is just… okay. It’s just another frozen yogurt place, but it’s nothing to go crazy about either. They have a wider variety of yogurt flavors than Red Mango, but they weren’t necessarily better. We were able to test all the flavors, but none really stood out to me. The toppings were okay, but they didn’t have any fresh sliced fruit! I was really surprised by this! Those are the most important topping for a healthy junkie! The texture of the yogurt is not as smooth as Red Mango’s and can be  bit more watery. This place is good for a quick fix if you’re in need of a frozen yogurt, but I probably would still go to Red Mango.

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