Pommes Frites

the counter with so many sauces!

123 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: East Village

This place is so tiny! It was a bit hard to find because it’s right in between two other places.  The front isn’t really flashy enough to pay attention to it.  It was so narrow that once you enter, you probably won’t fit!  That’s because of the actual dimensions of the place and the fact that it will probably be very crowded.


another counter shot
dining area with a mini ipad on the side
the large golden fries ($6.25) with some sweet mango chutney mayo (extra $1) with raw onions and jalapenos (free) = total $7.25

ImageVictor says: 4/5

What could possibly go wrong when eating french fries. This is the place to go if you are desiring some edible condiment shovels. They literally only serve fries with a a wide variety of sauces. I would suggest taking a look at the menu outside before going in to order. It easily gets crowded and it may be difficult to find a seat. This places serves their fries in a cone, which is rather interesting. Conveniently, there are these unique holes in the table and which allow you to rest your cones of fries in.

This place has some great fries, but the real gem of this little shop are the sauces. Pinky and I were only able to get Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo (their most popular sauce). It was indeed very good as the staff recommended. It was sweet and it was not as thick as normal mayo. However, I have made the poor choice of asking for sauce on the fries instead of a cup. Because of that, the consistency of the sauce on the fries was different throughout the cone. A lot of the sauce also made its way to bottom on the cone too. So if you do go, I would suggest getting the sauce in the cup. You also get the option of adding some other little things for free such as jalapenos, onions, or ketchup. However, adding jalapenos could take away from the flavor of the unique sauces.

All in all, this place is pretty good. A bit pricey just for some fries, but its yummy. The fries are crispy and pleasant. The sauce was zesty and delicious. You should check it out if you’re a die-hard fry kind of guy .

DSCN8812Pinky says: 4/5

I LOVE POTATOES. “Love” as in “I would eat potatoes for every friggin’ meal” love.  I love it any way.  Boiled, baked, fried, mashed…the only thing I have not tried is probably potato smoothies (which they do make by the way, in Macau..sadly, not here at Pomme Frites and yes I wanted to try it but I was with my family that time and we didn’t have time to buy it).  ANYHOO…this place, you have to try. I would come here often if it weren’t for the prices though.  I never had $7.25 bunch of fries.  I was a bit disappointed that they add a dollar for the sauces.  I wonder who would actually only get the fries without any sauce.  I am a condiment-fiend.  Sometimes I wished people would invent fries scoopers..you know like those Tostitos tortilla chips, but in potato form! Million-dollar idea people! I should actually patent that..But the sauce for these fries were all the way on the bottom :[  I know that they are probably most known for their paper funnel cones to put in the fries but there must be a cleaner way to eat these! We were dropping these expensive babies all over the place.  You can put your funnel in the table! Very cute idea lol…Don’t plan to bring a lot of people here though the place is small and be willing to share a table with some strangers if your party is small.  The sweet mango chutney mayo was very tasty! I would highly recommend it.  The fries were extra crispy b/c apparently they’re fried 2x! Each were hot and fresh, good on a cold winter day.  The jalapenos were very very spicy because according to Victor, that means they’re fresh.  I could have done without them though.  I loved the raw onions but man, they give you such bad breath obviously lol so I would advise against that if you’re on a hot/blind date.  Victor is already used to my occasional bad breath ;] so it’s okay for us.


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