345 E 12th St
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: East Village

pretty small area to dine
note this restaurant, although they serve the food to you at your table — you have to clean up yourself!

Not to confuse this place with the MAC BAR (which Pinky did) this place was on a lot of television shows and has gotten a lot of publicity.

Sometimes, it works for the place and sometimes it doesn’t…for this place i would say, it hasn’t worked out too well.  With more publicity, comes higher expectations and harsher judgments.

The plates are pretty pricey {for college kids like us} considering it’s just pasta and cheese and very little of anything else. However, since we weren’t planning on coming back anytime sooner we decided to try the $16 platter that had a little bit of everything.

That place has really no room to do anything.  We were practically sitting on top of each other.  Once you go in there’s already so many tables in front of you.  For a saturday night, this place was bustling!!! Many young adults.  Some were on dates or just casual chilling.  Probably not a good place to stay if you are planning to chat for a while though…Or for any reunion.  You will definitely receive many death glares for your seats!!!  Once you order, you get a number to put on the table you are seated.  When your order is done, no need to get up..they bring it to you! But that’s all the service you’re going to get!  They do NOT clean up after you.  Do not be a party that gets yelled at for not cleaning up after yourselves!  The people working there aren’t particularly friendly but perhaps, it’s all because of how chaotic it is over there.  No one can blame them.

ImageVictor says: 3/5

After I saw this place on the Travel Channel, I had a sudden urge to eat some mac n’ cheese. I mean, if a place is on television, it must be good, right? In the case of S’Mac, it was just alright. It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t horrendous. I’ve made my fair share of mac n’ cheese throughout the years, but I have never thought about deviating from the norm. That’s what S’Mac does.

This place is awfully small and awfully cramped at times. Not my liking. The colors of this little restaurant are bright and “fun,” but the attitudes and the atmosphere certainly isn’t (only unless you were one of the few lucky ones that obtained a seat)

We ordered the sampler because I didn’t want to only try one type of mac n’ cheese. It was a hefty $16, but I guess that’s the price of trying multiple things in one sitting. If you are interested in getting the sampler, then expect to wait some time because you can only order the sampler if you are eating in the restaurant.

The sampler consists of a variety of flavors ranging from Cheeseburger to Cajun. Each type has unique blend of ingredients. Some are good, others are bad, and the rest may be in just okay. My favorites were the 4 Cheese, Cheesburger, Napoletana, and the Cajun. 4 Cheese and Cheeseburger are pretty self-explanatory, but they just tasted exceptionally well when mixed into mac n’ cheese. Napoletana was very herby, but it tasted delightful. It had a consistent flow of cheese with roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, and basil. The Cajun consisted of cheddar and pepper jack cheese, andouille sausage, green peppers, onions, and some celery and garlic. I personally liked it, but I can’t say the same for Pinky.

The other types were okay. I wouldn’t recommend the All-American unless you are big fan of Kraft cheese. It tasted a bit bitter. Parisienne was interesting, but didn’t exactly captivate me. There were figs in and mushrooms in it. It was sweet from the figs and cheesy at the same time, which was a rather strange combination.

All in all, this restaurant is alright. It certainly isn’t something to go crazy for, but its definitely worth a shot. If you are an avid mac n’ cheese enthusiast, go ahead and try your luck here. This could be what your heart desires. Other than that, I don’t think I will be coming here a second time.

Image Pinky says: 3.5/5

I would go to this place once but probably not again.  The place is too cramped to really enjoy the atmosphere.  If I was really depressed and really need of that comfort food, I would make it myself lol. I wouldn’t come out all the way to the city to have some of it.  If you’re like me, I wouldn’t even go outside for ANYTHING if i was actually sad.  My favorites were the Cheeseburger and the Napoletana! The Cheeseburger was extra cheesy and tasted just like what it was called! …how would i describe this? burger pasta?! The Napoletana was very interesting, the basil really overwhelmed the cheese and I never had tomato with my mac and cheese. That was quite a delight! My least favorite was All American, probably because I don’t really like American cheese.  For the Perisienne, the rosemary flavor was a bit too strong for me so it wasn’t one of my favorites either. I had a lot of trouble using the plastic forks for these mini pasta dishes.  If they’re baked in, they should at least offer us metal spoons to scrape off the cheesy goodness.  The sampler is like a special off to the side above the menu.  Keep a look out! I’m glad we didn’t order just one flavor dish.  I would have wanted to try more flavors and probably would have bought more than one dish LOL. that would have been horrible because these are really really really filling.

gooey goodness!
gooey goodness!


and it's gone!
and it’s gone! not really.. haha

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