Mama Meena’s Family Restaurant

94-20 Jamaica Ave
Woodhaven, NY 11421
Neighborhood: Richmond Hill

Decor was very calming but yet simple!  Felt like I was walking into someone’s family dining room.  The place doesn’t have a public bathroom and I don’t even think they have a real heater.  When we came in, the waitress seated us and moved the portable heater near us to keep us warm!  They have real flowers on the table and a lot of butterfly themed decorations.


pork-filled rolls! $6
Sliced Beef marinated in lemon and soy sauce sautéed in onions $8
Chicken broth with scallions, boiled eggs, shredded chicken and soft noodles $6


ImagePinky says: Chicken Mami was not that salty.  It was also very filling with the chicken and lots of noodles for very cheap price!  Not overwhelmingly filled with flavor but it was perfect for a cold winter day. I loveeee boiled eggs so that was my favorite.  Filipino spin on chicken noodle soup!
Bistek Tagalog (other than me having trouble pronouncing the name) This dish was pretty satisfying! The beef was very lean and tender..almost like it melted in your mouth.
Lumpia Shanghai were very delicious.  Each very crispy and fresh not soggy or overly oiled.  With a side of sweet and sour chili sauce. So glad it was not the regular spring roll 🙂

Final Verdict: Must try if you have never had Filipino food (I haven’t had it before this)! 4/5

Image Victor says: The Lumpia Shanghai was quite the delight. It was crispy and savory and the chili sauce complimented it very well.  Not too oily either, which is a definite plus! In a matter of minutes, it was all gone.

I ordered the Bistek Tagalog and it was rather interesting. It was had a very distinct and strong taste, almost similar to that of Malaysian Rendang beef. The meat was soft and tender, but it had a lot of flavor. Nonetheless, it was certainly delicious.

The Chicken Mami looked like your regular Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup with an egg on top when I first saw it. Although it is better than it’s canned counter-part, I can’t say that this dish necessarily captured my taste buds. It’s definitely filling for its cheap price, but not very flavorful. The chicken in this noodle soup was tender and soup component of this dish was not too salty.

Final Verdict: Go! I never had or even know what filipino food is, but this was a good start! 4/5

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